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It’s a question we’ve been asked many times over the past year and, as with any new and emerging science, we have been waiting for research and evidence before giving definitive answers.

At the start of the pandemic there was certainly plenty of chat and theories doing the rounds over the potential benefits of contact lenses over glasses and also some concern over whether lenses could prove harmful.

Such gossip led to understandable confusion but thankfully scientists and researchers have worked incredibly hard to quickly separate fact from fiction, allowing us to dispel certain myths and give you the answers you need.


Are contact lenses safe to wear during the coronavirus pandemic?

The simple answer is yes, your contact lenses are safe to wear. Of course, we urge all contact lens wearers to follow proper care instructions, including thoroughly washing and drying your hands before handling the contact lenses and making sure your lenses do not come into contact with water.


Is there any link between wearing contact lenses and coronavirus?

Nope. Nothing. Nada. There’s no evidence whatsoever to suggest any link at all between the spread of COVID-19 and the use of contact lenses, or any incidents of COVID-19 infection related to contact lens wear. You’re good to go.


Will wearing contact lenses increase the risk of contracting coronavirus?

The scientists have been busy and they have concluded that there’s no evidence of any increased risk in contracting coronavirus from wearing contact lenses compared to glasses.


Am I at risk of catching coronavirus if I touch my eyes when putting in and taking out my contact lenses? 

Again, there’s no evidence to suggest any link between the spread of the virus and use of contact lenses, or any incidents of COVID-19 infection related to contact lens wear. Again, we would stress the importance of handwashing before and after touching your face.


Is it better to wear daily disposable contact lenses instead of reusable contact lenses during COVID-19?

There’s no evidence to suggest that reusable lenses are less safe than daily disposable lenses. All contact lenses are fine to wear as normal. Irrespective of COVID-19 concerns, daily disposables are now the healthiest and most comfortable option, guaranteeing fresh, clean lenses every day.


Can I still wear my contact lenses if I’m showing symptoms of coronavirus?

The guidance is that if you’re feeling unwell that you switch to wearing glasses as you may find them more comfortable. Of course, your main course of action should be to get tested immediately.


What should I use to clean my reusable contact lenses?

Reusable lenses should be disinfected every day, using a specialist contact lens solution – never using water. This will help to prevent potentially serious eye infections.

So there you have it. Your contact lenses are perfectly safe to wear during COVID-19. In fact, they may even be better to wear than spectacles as we prepare to head out of lockdown as you won’t have to put up with the difficulties of ‘fogging’ when wearing a mask in shops etc. Love your lenses, they’re good to go!

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