This consultation includes:

  • Eye examination if new patient
  • Comprehensive history
  • Tear Osmolarity
  • Inflammadry
  • Tear Film assessment (non-invasive and with dyes)
  • Digital Imaging of eye structures
  • Personalised Treatment Plan
  • Follow-up visit


The photos below show one of our patients having an impression taken of the front surface of her eye, which allows us to create a bespoke scleral lens directly replicating every single aspect of her ocular surface.

EyePrint Pro uses the very latest 3D scanning technology. Rather than relying on standard lenses and hoping they fit the shape of your eye, we can now create a 100 per cent bespoke lens which matches the exact contour of your eye.

It’s effectively taking a fingerprint of your eye. Think custom fit suits, made-to-measure shoes – now we can do just that with contact lenses. It’s quick, painless and is having life-changing benefits – with people who have struggled for years to get a lens to fit due to their keratoconus or other debilitating corneal disease now enjoying the benefits of a fully customised lens unique to them.

We are the only practice in the UK currently offering EyePrint Pro. Drop us a message to find out more.



Keeping with our policy of investing in the latest technology, we are one of the first practices in the UK to have an Eye-Light. This photo-biomodulation device uses Intense Pulse Light to stimulate the nerves, and the blood vessels surrounding the Meibomian glands (which produce the oily part of the tears), to stimulate meibum secretion.

Initially, three treatments are required (spread over 4-6 weeks), lasting approximately 45minutes each, followed by an annual treatment. This treatment is recommended as an additional treatment for patients who are already doing ‘the basics’.



At TK&S we use state-of-the-art techniques to clean your eye lashes and eyelid margin – ensuring your eyes are as clean and as healthy as possible.

Healthy eyelids can guard against the onset of conditions such as blepharitis and the presence of demodex – a type of mite that lives in the oil glands of human hair follicles.

By taking advantage of 21st century techniques and technology we can help you keep the bugs at bay.



Beyond the enhanced schemes run by the local trusts, our specialist optometrists are able to provide hospital standard diagnostics and investigation for patients concerned or at risk from glaucoma.

This appointment includes;

  • Comprehensive history
  • Goldman Applanation Tonometry (gold standard for eye pressure measurement)
  • Gonioscopy
  • Dilated Biomicroscope Evaluation of the Optic Nerve
  • Threshold Visual Screen Testing
  • Triton OCT imaging
  • Recommendations

Patients with ocular hypertension, can be diagnosed and managed within this clinic.


Myopia is one of the conditions idetified by the World Health Organisation as a potential cause of blindness. It is currently estimated that Myopia affects 30% of the world’s population, and this number is projected to be nearly 50% by 2050.

Projected increases are widely considered to be driven by environmental factors such as decreased outdoors time, increased near work, and high pressure educational systems especially at young ages.



Sight is one of our five major senses: hearing, touch, smell and taste are the other four. Through our senses we are able to experience the world. But we don’t rely on all senses equally. About 80% of the way we experience the world as children is through vision.

We watch, we read, we learn. We need good vision to read the whiteboard, watch the science demonstration at the front of the class, and catch a ball during PE.