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Contact Lenses

Contact Lens Specialists


Contact lenses are a modern day miracle. We have a wealth of experience in the field and can guide you through the variety of contact lenses available to find you the one to suit your needs. We offer contact lenses to all of our patients (unless we find they’re clinically unsuitable) and aim to provide the best quality contact lenses and professional care to maintain and preserve the health of your eyes.


Book an appointment with us today and become one of the people in the UK benefiting from contact lenses.



In recent years the technology used to manufacture contact lenses has advanced dramatically, making them incredibly easy to use and comfortable to wear. Some modern day lenses are even designed for overnight wear (sleeping in) making them even more convenient than ever… more



There are a number of different types of contact lenses currently available, each with their own unique features. To avoid confusion we’ve included a brief description of the different kinds, so you’re equipped with some basic background information. When you come for your appointment we’ll discuss and assess your needs… more



As with all our eye examination equipment, we employ the latest computerised systems to examine your eyes before prescribing contact lenses. Here is a brief description of some of the apparatus we use in our consulting rooms… more



Can anyone wear contact lenses?
Most people can. We will assess your suitability with some simple tests. Contact lenses can be used to correct all types of vision including astigmatism, long & short sight, and the need for reading glasses… more

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