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Our patients can benefit from ground-breaking ScanFitPRO technology.

This revolutionary contact lens innovation combines Elevation Specific Technology with the very latest scientific breakthroughs in ocular topographical scanning

As eye care professionals, ScanFitPRO gives us in-clinic access to a custom design software which harnesses the power of EyePrint Prosthetics’ scleral lens algorithm to design a custom lens based on each individual patient’s unique ocular profile. This removes the need for diagnostic lens fitting, enhancing the accuracy of the design and fast-tracking the fitting process.

Here at TK&S we are continually investing in the very latest technology to ensure our patients have access to the innovations that can make a difference to their eye health.

The ScanFitPRO design software is compatible with Oculus Pentacam’s Corneal Scleral Profile (CSP) Report and the Eaglet Eye’s Eye Surface Profiler (ESP) – both of which we have here at the practice to capture the patient’s eye in straight-ahead gaze, which maximizes accuracy.

That data is then input into the ScanFitPRO Software and a customized ScanFitPRO is designed. We send off the completed design to EyePrint Prosthetics for final approval and, once given the green light, the files are submitted to the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

The final lens is shipped back to us to dispense to the patient, giving them the perfect fit.

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