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    • (Patching as a child/Accidents/Hospital Visit. Have you previously tried contact lenses, what have you tried/when) Lipiflow /IPL
    • (List all, prescribed and over the counter e.g Contraceptive Pill or Anti-histamines)
    • (Any current eye drops being used or tablets being taken to help eye conditions)
    • Parents/Siblings/Children - any conditions such as Glaucoma, Macula Degeneration, Blindness, Myopia (short sighted), Strabismus (‘squint/caste’) Keratoconus
    • (Such as cataract surgery, laser surgery, retinal or lid surgery)
    • Do you smoke or drink? - How much/Often? Hobbies? Sports?
    • Do you or a close family member suffer from general (systemic) health conditions such as blood pressure, cholesterol, thyroid. For kids, were they Full Term and healthy baby (no long spell in hospital)
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