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Vision, Reading & Learning

Every parent wants their child to reach their full potential and to embrace the experience of reading and learning. Occasionally, there are obstacles that have to be overcome for this to be achieved.


The following statement provides useful information to parents about how vision affects children’s development, and has particular relevance for people with concerns about specific learning difficulties.


We also aim to offer guidance on the variety of services and treatments that are available to help resolve these complex visual issues should they be diagnosed.


Encountering Learning Difficulties and the Role of Vision

It’s widely acknowledged that of all our senses, vision is the most important in the learning process. Over 85% of all learning is acquired via sight yet it’s an unfortunate fact that when reading or learning difficulties are identified children’s vision is commonly overlooked as a potential cause.


When a thorough visual examination is undertaken a large percentage of children diagnosed with specific learning disabilities such as dyslexia and dyspraxia are found to suffer from some form of visual impairment that prevents them from attaining their true potential in the classroom.


It’s important to remember that vision related reading and learning problems can be helped in a variety of ways. If visual difficulties are identified early enough the majority of problems can be rectified in a relatively short space of time.


“Good vision is every child’s passport to the future.” TK&S Optometrists Young Eyes Philosophy

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