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Eye Surgery

If you’re considering permanent surgery to correct your vision, you’ll be interested to learn that we act as a Local Management Centre for the refractive surgery specialists at Advance VisionCare and The Midland Eye Institute.


Advance VisionCare offers the highest quality personalised laser eye treatment to patients throughout the UK. By providing optimum vision correction, using the most advanced ‘wavefront’ technology, Advance VisionCare are, in some cases, able to treat patients who have previously been rejected as ‘unsuitable’ for surgery.


All Advance VisionCare patients are treated exclusively by one of UK ‘s most experienced Consultant Refractive Surgeons, Mr Pillai.


Mr Pillai has pioneered the co-management approach by establishing a nationwide network of clinical partners and Local Management Centres that act as a referral base for initial consultation and aftercare.


Our experienced and accredited practice has been especially selected to care for all Advance VisionCare referrals in the Northamptonshire region. Our Optometrists have received specialised training in refractive surgery in order to carry out the additional tests required in the assessment for surgery. We ensure you’ll receive exceptional patient care and continuity of treatment.


As a local management centre for both of these centres we provide the following services and benefits:


Local Advice and Counselling

We’re here to provide support and advice that’s locally based. We provide a totally independent point of view and base our recommendations on our thorough investigations. We’re here as your first point of contact and you can contact us freely if you have any queries.


Pre and Post Operative Assessments

You’ll undergo thorough examinations to see if you are suitable for surgery, and we also provide a high level of continuous care after the operation to ensure correct healing. The findings of our initial exploratory investigations are passed onto the experienced surgeon who will make the final decision regarding your suitability.


Emergency Cover

We also liaise closely with the surgeon to discuss your individual needs and provide additional care and support if required. You can rest assured that the surgeon remains ultimately responsible for your welfare.


If you’d like to discuss refractive surgery in more detail please call us to make an appointment on 01604 714 413.

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