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Caring for your eyes


As an independent practice we firmly believe in giving you a little bit extra. We want to enhance your experience as a patient by ensuring that you are properly informed about any procedures or treatments you may encounter during your visit.


To help us keep an accurate and in-depth record of your visits all our consulting rooms contain scanning equipment that digitally captures images of your eyes. The data from your examination is stored on our advanced computer system for future reference.


During your appointment our highly qualified optometrists will thoroughly assess your requirements and check the following:

  • The overall health of your eyes
  • Fully examine your eyes
  • Examine your vision to determine the strength of lenses you need

If you’re considering contact lenses we will also:

  • Measure the curvature and diameter of the cornea at the front of your eye
  • Assess the quality of your tears – needed for lubrication of contact lenses
  • Measure the size of your pupils and the positions of your eyelids

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