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Contact Lens Equipment

As with all our eye examination equipment, we employ the latest computerised systems to examine your eyes before prescribing contact lenses. Here is a brief description of some of the apparatus we use in our consulting rooms.


Slit Lamp

A slit lamp is a special microscope used to examine the external structures of your eyes. Our slit lamps are connected to a digital camera so that images can be taken and recorded for future comparison. This system also allows you to see exactly what our Optometrists sees.


Corneal Topographer

A Corneal Topographer is an instrument that allows us to create a contour map of the front of the eye. It accurately measures the radius of curvature of the central zone of your cornea. A photograph is also taken and analysed by a highly sophisticated computer programme to produce a 3D map.


This instrument highlights irregularities that might influence the type of contact lenses we fit and helps us detect any corneal disease or distortion much earlier, and more easily, than traditional methods of examination.


Topography readings are also taken on subsequent visits to ensure that your contact lenses are not excessively distorting the cornea.


Digital Anterior Eye Imaging

We use a digital camera to photograph your eyes, and to video eye movements e.g. blink patterns. From these images we can easily explain common problems associated with contact lens wear and demonstrate how to get round them.

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